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“Faster Payments Settlement Assessment”:

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28 thoughts on “XRP – The Federal Reserve AND Ripple (RTGS)???

  1. There's so much happening behind the scene that more and more awesome information and speculation is emerging. Think of it as an NDA information dam. Can't keep it all in and it's becoming a funnel.

  2. I'm not 100% what's going on with fed reserve and ripple.but I'm very positive there is a big connection there! 1 that helps us push past 589 I'm sure. Xrp baby. Let's get it fam!

  3. Nice Report! Some questions that come to mind:
    1. Are there currently any viable alternatives to Ripple?
    2. Is the Fed more likely to use a corporate solution such as ripple or develop their own solution?

  4. This could be good for Ripple working with the US Fed in some shape or form but can't see how this would have an effect for X Rapid / XRP since I assume all the Feds Interbank settlements are within the US, only USD settlements, thus no need for X Rapid. Am I missing something? Enjoy your vids BTW.

  5. Nice find. Someone should tell them about Ripple. Duh.

    I'm guessing later today every XRP YouTuber will be talking about this. But The Crypto Ginger got the scoop. Excellent work.

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