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Ripple (XRP) Briefly ‘Flippens’ Ethereum to Become 2nd-Largest Cryptocurrency

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President Donald J. Trump Executive Order 13772 XRP A global settlement asset



King blue

Death of wall street birth of the New asset class x

Ripple swift Earthport connection
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14 thoughts on “XRP Primed for 289% Price Increase Due to Institutional Investor Volume .. Who let the Bulls OUT

  1. I am a musician that believes in XRP, and I am inspired to educate everyone I can about Ripple and the Blockchain.

    I am currently accepting XRP donations to fund my musician lifestyle, and If I receive 2000 XRP I will write and release a space aged, rock and roll concept album on the 'renaissance' that is Blockchain and XRP.      Leave your name in comments if you wish to donate (even 1 XRP) and I will thank you all publicly on the channel when it is released!   XRP wallet:  rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy     Tag:    1445755022

    See you all on the Moon!

  2. Real talk: I get why youtubers are not saying much about the president and want to appear non partisan and just want the current administration to let XRP fly but lets be real. Fuck this president. I mean I know some XRP Youtubers I follow are Trump supporters and that's fine but I think the folks being quiet about him and just happy that he's going to make way for XRP dominance is bullshit. Lets call this racist bigot out. Its not like if he didn't win, XRP wouldn't be on the same path. Hell, Bill Clinton was invited to Swell this year. You know why? 'Cause he is the poster boy for globalism..! Everybody tip-toein' around this dude. Just happy cause he's gonna let us in. Its not his decision anyway. This is way above his pay grade. Obama and the Clintons bow down to Goldman Sachs just like this guy. We don't have to be nice just because he's happens to be the president when we're about to take off. You dont have to accept Trump 'cause he's doing stuff that the folks behind the vale tell him to do. Doesn't make any sense…

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