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In this video, I take a quick look at XRP/USD on the 4 hour chart. Cryptocurrency technical analysis and crypto news.

22 thoughts on “XRP NEWS : Is Ripple Setting Up For Higher Prices? Crypto Technical Analysis

  1. No…it will go up but right back down Mitch. The coin is being held within a tight range…especially all those longs. The crowd is always wrong. I see the coin being leveraged by margin players now. Or being kept stable by Ripple to give the IMF the stability they seek…it cannot last forever. But if it goes up it goes right down now. One day they will have to let go..and then it goes up and stays up. Hope I am wrong Brother!

  2. Great info on XRP Mitch bro I honestly think that downsloping resistance is finally going to be broken when it gets all those bullish coinciding variables πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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