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Ripple XRP | Biggest SCAM or OPPORTUNITY?

Allow me to kill some of the FUD and comment down below any other concerns.

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**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial adviser nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation for entertainment purposes ONLY. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing. For Entertainment Purposes Only.

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RIPPLE XRP Opportunity

20 thoughts on “XRP | Biggest SCAM or OPPORTUNITY?

  1. What up, everyone. Be sure take the 1 second to hit that LIKE & SUBSCRIBE button if you enjoy the content. I have tons of other XRP videos on my channel so please check those out. I feel like the ones with the best info have the least amount of views lol. Funny how that works!
    #XRPillionaire Hoody Link in description! Much love

  2. we are all but positive the btc ETF wont get accepted. What we have to look forward to, really, is Bakkt which is in mid December and then in spring 2019.
    what do you think Bakkt will do for xrp?

  3. XRP is a one trick pony. It relies on banks to much. Banks will try to create their on currency or use X rapid and then what? Ripple is only using XRP as a fund raiser. The network is valuable but the coin is worthless . Plus it’s way to centralized and goes against Satoshi’s vision. Wait for the company Ripple to go public in a ipo then buy the ripple stock. Because the company will make more money then the coin. Banks don’t like XRP because they don’t own or control it. XRP is a short term speculation at best.

  4. Thanks for the video Kevin. I do however have some criticism that I hope you take constructively. Maybe you can even address some of my concerns. I have been deeply drawn into the crypto space for about 1.5 years now and have been a witness to all the remarkable, surprising, heartbreaking, and even euphoric events that have transpired during this time. I used to own XRP but sold it off (I didn't buy it high either) because I believe that XRP has fundamental differences that make it less appealing than many of the other cryptocurrencies available. Others will see these as benefits relative to most other cryptocurrencies and that is their choice to make. I personally would have liked to hear you go through the history of XRP and how it came to be and how the company Ripple has handled itself and XRP throughout their lifetimes. XRP is less appealing to me because the total supply of XRP was created by Ripple as digital tokens. Most other cryptocurrencies that I would say have value and are more worthwhile as an asset and currency are mined on blockchains running open source code and have a predetermined supply and yield curve. Value is spent by individuals to compete for the block rewards. Anyone can participate in these blockchains by running a node, mining, staking, etc., and the more people that do this the stronger the network security is. As these blockchains are open source, owned by no individual, no nation, nor corporate enterprise. This means that the blockchain will continue to function regardless of any action or decision made by an individual or entity that would otherwise be able to destroy, steal, or create a fake supply of coins. Ripple the company is a corporate enterprise and it has control over XRP and can choose to do whatever they want with the project in the future without any regard to XRP holders. As a company, they can be controlled by legal entities of nations or even co-opted by them in order to shut them down, obtain information about the individuals taking part in XRPs network, and may act with that information. Governments and Ripple can, if they choose, block your transactions, lock your funds, and confiscate them. This is not libertarian by design, and as an individual that prefers the stance most libertarians have on money, I would be see this as a fundamental weakness and risk. I am strongly convinced that the next generation of money will be the kind of cryptocurrency that is open source, private, and functions much like most other cryptocurrencies. I remain skeptical and would need more real information that can be shown to me and contradict/alleviate my previously mentioned concerns around XRP. Network speed and talking to banks for years does not validate a digital token as being sound money in the present or future. Thanks again for the video. I am open to more information and discussion on this matter.

  5. XRP will be the standard. No questions about that! This coin will cause corrupt governments to fall and lose their control over its citizens. Economic warfare is happening and this coin solves the worlds problem. It’s REVOLUTIONARY!! Imagine the freedom!

  6. I don't think there are any weak hands left after what's transpired after the last year. I've actually held since I got in in November. I won't be left holding my bag this year having to wait another year I can tell you that much.

  7. to play pretty-pretty stuff?
    Buying xrp between 20 cents or less till 50 cents…& hodl.
    Do you really think that xrp didn't reach 1.-$ within the next two years?
    …and if it did you have a profit ~100% minimum. No bank will give you 50% interest per anno.
    My 2 cents

  8. Food for thought… how long would it take to develop and implement the worlds' largest ponzi scheme? and who would whom have to be in cahoots with to achieve such a goal? .. let that sink in.
    I believe it's not so much a ponzi as it is a power swap, or grab, from the current centralized authority to the next Centralized Authority, get it?.
    Please don't miss the point:
    Bitcoin – Hello Fellow
    XRP – Please Sir, Thank you Sir
    Just hoping to add perspective.
    One can be "in" without having to be "all in" so to speak…

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