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45 thoughts on “Will The XRP Bull Run Continue? Potential Catalysts For Next Crypto Bull Run

  1. Had this coin for over a year , sick of hearing its going to do this and its going to do that, its got this partner and that partner it cant even get to $1.00 Aus let alone get to $1.00 USA , the only thing about a bull run here is i can smell the bullshit and thats about all

  2. Welp, I guess that's it for the Ripple bull run lol. Though that setback looks like the one you're indicating at 2:23 so kudos for that, even if it happened a day later.
    I, too, believe that prices will go up toward the end of the year for the market. I'm not holding much Ripple but I imagine a good market bull run will do wonders for my portfolio. Last year I got some crazy profits from privacy coins, DeepOnion, Zcash, PIVX, and other coins.

  3. Ripple is slowly guiding that particular market in the direction of XRP…it was part of their game plan all along….XRP was designed specifically to be primarily used as a bridging currency between any two currencies. The ultimate aim of XRP by Ripple is to position XRP as the world's first digital global reserve currency.But right now in the crypto market, Excuse me to say Xrp is not going to skyrocket like before but will have a gradual but very effective trend more than 20K , also lot of people got into crypto because of speculation, and I won’t lie I was among those who joined the trade community because of speculative comments I saw on the internet and to be sincere I have been losing lost of money since last December day trading and also holding both shit coins and valuable assets also, but everything changed when I wads scrolling my YouTube videos, I came across a channel where high recommendations and accolades where given to Mr. Adams Hudson for his good trade guidance and strategy on how to trade, someone said he makes more than 6.5 Btc weekly with just 1 btc placed on trading daily, I was filled with disbelief but I contact him on and behold my first day trading, I was able to make more than what I have lost in crypto , over 5 Btc in seven days now, if you are still losing a lot and you want help you can simply send him request and consultations on, and don’t forget to thank me later.

  4. November 5 was the day William Hinman from the SEC spoke at DC Fintech, and said they’ll be releasing plain English guidance on cryptos and securities soon. I don’t think it’s a coincidence

  5. I have been Preaching the gospel of Bitcoin lately, It is the Future of Finance, It is a Huge ? Wealth ?????Transfer to those who understands its Implications early on, the last Wealth transfer of this magnitude was in 1950 till date , and it was about those who found oil, There’s a huge wealth transfer going on now where those who used to be poor, nerdy, geeky, sitting in your moms basement if you like ? are suddenly the new millionaires, because the last 200years , the people who found oil decides where money goes till date, I won't play myself by missing this Money Train. Few months Ago when I first bought my first Bitcoin early this year when it was $13,500 , I was a confused Hodler who didn't know what to make of his crypto investments, I had 5Btc, 120Etherium, 300Ltc and 20,000 xrp, the prices where dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw Bitcoin go from $13k to to $6k in June , my Alts were falling at the same, I sold half of my Holdings out of Fear of loosing everything , I had only 2.6Btc left in my Coinbase wallet, I had little knowledge on Stocks and Forex so it really enhanced my Learning .Early July , on CNBC channel I heard them mention a Crypto Veterian named “NICHOLAS SWAN” they said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him the next day, he told me his fee for his program ( No upfront payments ) we started working , he gave me guidelines on what to do, I started trading under his guidance same day, it was a bit complicated but I understood better after 3days, I continued with him for 3weeks , I made 13.8Btc total which I paid him his Fee from ,he's down to earth and always ready to teach , I was able to reach him through his Telegram Number -(+1-631-620-6929) , or you can send him a mail but he's always available on Telegram

  6. Agree, we don't know what's going on with Ripple, if they are in discussion with Federal reserve of course they cannot comment due to legal disclosures. Interesting times ahead and I feel we are part of something even bigger in the next 2-3 years.

  7. Could someone help me and explain why Asia should or could adopt XRP if they have NEO?
    About the higher market cap we see now, could it be some investor testing the system perhaps? We have seem this pattern before… After testing they get the money out. Let´s see…

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