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Do you know ripple once got first position at coinmarketcap and experts believe that ripple would permanently take that position one day !

Support me and spread this video if you believe me !

36 thoughts on “Why ripple reach 1000 dollars in 2019 !

  1. I use Binance, I do not like Bittrex. They removed the Google Key Generator without let me know and hackers got into my account and stole all my coins. The only thing they told me was "We feel sorry". Fuck u Bittrex.

  2. A price of $1,000 would mean XRP's market cap would have to be over 40 trillion dollars if you do the math… That seems pretty unrealistic to me but I wouldn't rule out the company decreasing the supply of the coins in the future which would make the value of the coin grow faster.

  3. Ripple and xrp two different things. .notice how ripple and xrp are not together anymore. .bc once investors lose money on xrp ripple as a company will not be effected. .good luck with that 1000$

  4. Clickbait. There's no mention of any price prediction here simply none of the guys on that panel are stupid enough to do that. You need to watch how you title your videos.

  5. Eventually it may do far more than BTC ever did. there is massive experience, utility and adoption in play with XRP. with all the news it's difficult for me to be negative about it. once you see the behind-the-scenes work, and the huge players getting involved, you understand the potential. It's well worth having some in the bag. and don't think a few months will do it, it's easy to be impatient. in 5 years we will be laughing about some of the thoughts or reservations we have today about Blockchain. But if you must predict, put any number over .90 and watch it go.

  6. Total click bait, and needs some grammar checking in the headline and most of all, where’s your math/validation to support your clickbait attn grabber of $1,000? Let’s clean up crypto and it all starts right here.

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  8. Everybody says no way but you have no idea either if it can reach $1000 you just have negative thoughts on why it cant but in reality it can because in this new young market anything can and will happen stop thinking in terms of fiat but in terms of digital .

  9. Click bait……………….There is no way to make any predictions. However a safer bet would be to plan on XRP definitely breaking it's old ATH from $3.84.

    If you consider that it had very little marketing and, partnerships or use case prior to the last bullrun in Dec 2017 then you can more than likely see a $5 – $10 by the EOY 2018.

    As for 2019…. that depends on more partnerships, how much swift allows Ripple products to take from its banking cross border business. I personally could see a very conservative guess of $30 – $50 by the EOY 2019.

    As for this fantasy $1000 XRP, NEVER going to happen in the next 12 months………5 – 10 years maybe $500 – $1000.

    So hold off ordering those Lambo's just for now guys and gals lol

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