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Shout out @diliprao + 1 @xrptipbot here is some XRP for your hard work..
Thank you …

21 thoughts on “Why did Dilip Rao Ripple Delete the tweet i gave him a XRP tip on ?

  1. I will agree with many others who have stayed that you cannot or should not send a tip to a member of the corporate team.

    Although done with good intentions it can be misconstrued and may be against any SEC compliance issues, or seen as trading irregularities. Although XRP is not a stock, a pirce valuation not necessarily falling under same guidelines or structure as stock investment – there could still be issue related to "insider" trading.

    Or it could be a case that he is a highly compensated executive and it doesn't look good for public relations or business to show this executive receiving fianancial gains from holders of the digital asset.

    This is already out there in public space – but I think the video should be taken down.

  2. probably wants no part of a conspiracy theorist youtuber that has no idea wtf he's talking about when it comes to investing or cryptos. deleting your tweet should be a sign that he thinks you're a scam artist too. Sending him a tip is a total scumbag move and gives the xrp community a bad image. keep up the bad work.

  3. He could have still retweeted after deleting the initial tweet, if it was all about the tip. Was there any other news released or any other Ripple team member tweeting/claiming exactly what he said in his deleted tweet??

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