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15 thoughts on “Whats HAPPENING?! Bitcoin BCH, Litecoin OmG – AMA

  1. please do a review on the new TREOS platform. Im anxious to move all my ebay/amazon sales over . But im wondering about the coin swap. Trade in 1 gcr for a Tro . Sounds like the deal of a lifetime. They had a booth at malta . Have you reviewed it ? Gcr is just pennies

  2. singularity net is fucked ai networks trading eith rach other with an AI specific cryptocurrency that the money is only koved by AI, idk about that, get outta here sophia and singularity net!

  3. Tijo, your coin selection and mine is similar except Raven.
    Don't like BCH, XRP, EOS
    Like BTC, XLM ADA XEM OMG NEO QTUM ZIL VET ICX IOTA long time holding up in my Attic some NPXS, BCN SC & DOGE

  4. Litecoin will be king and many great coins will go under, stay away from the pumped scam coins anything from Block 1 such as EOS , AND THE BANKER SCAM COIN XRP .stay with ltc btc omg veri and thank me later.

  5. Arcane im gone have my bitcoins in december i have a trezor would you trust the trezor wallet to store your bitcoins? I bought this 18 months ago for about a 100 dollar…im gone hold these forever and sell @ new all time high and buy in again low – 69 % of the new all time high

  6. thanks Tijo. . the title includes but you didn't mention ltc, omg, or ama… did i miss it? Also, you only hodl btc and eth? just wanted to confirm that…. curious. appreicate you.

  7. so you believe by 2021 btc will be 100k plus…at that time where do you believe ltc could be? over 2k maybe? 3k? 5k? i ask because you seem to understand crypto as well or better than anyone…thax

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