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What is BitClub Network? Click for more info:

Interested in BitCoin? Not sure how to start? Bit Club Network is a crowd funded mining pool that pays BitCoin to it’s members every single day.

Why invest in BitCoin and sit on it? With BitClub Network, the approximate cost of 10 coins could bring you 40-60 coins in the next 3 years…what happens if/when BitCoin hits $10,000 per coin?

I think you get the idea….

No monthly membership fees – Join BitClub Network, get a mining pool share, and start getting paid Bit Coin every single day

No sponsoring required – BitCoin paid out DAILY

don’t wait! The BitCoin movement is a wave that you can ride or watch roll by…it’s going to happen with or without you…

Get in Now – Get your mining pool shares and become a Bit Club Network member.

We have the industry’s BEST mining equipment – as of today’s date we are the 6th largest mining pool in the world (YES! REALLY)

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