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Bitcoin has crashed in the opening of 2018 which was expected in some long term BTC price predictions. I cover my thoughts on the Bitcoin price correction and if I think BTC can go lower this year. It is of course very hard to predict the BTC prices however we can give educated guesses based off what we already know. From past patterns, we can see that when Bitcoin drops to a 30 on the RSI scale, it bounces back up over the long term and the price tends to correct upward. I expect this to be the same situation again today however it is unfortunately only a case where time will be able to tell.

As we saw in the news today, India has gone ahead and announced that they will crack down on illegitimate cryptocurrency movements and also reinstated that Bitcoin is not legal tender. This was, of course, observed as FUD news at first, however, the community has been quick to clear that up this time around. India will in fact be adopting blockchain technology which crypto is built on, so it’s actually an incredibly bullish sign from where I’m seeing things. In addition to that, Samsung have also announced that they will be making cryptocurrency mining chips. Wall street are also big players that want to enter the markets. All of these factors (and a whole lot more) show that lots of players are eager to enter the game so there’s still a lot more room for growth here that I think a big % of us aren’t seeing. It shows me that Bitcoin will hit 100k USD maybe even in this year

As always, I’m not a financial advisor and you should do your own research.


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  1. I get that people who bought earlier have been locking in profits but what doesn't makes sense is all this FUD we're seeing trying to justify selling. I hate that some believe every single bit of these nonsense news. BTC: 1HVrYdciXFoPM96p59TK1Vaz3YuqCEogow

  2. Being a novice on cryptos, this was the lowest price I have encountered for bitcoin. How I wish I have more spare fiat currency to buy more… this is just part of the cycle so I still beleive it will go up sooner or later. ?

  3. I actually sold my 60 MOD and bought dipping VeChain and ICON in return. I didn’t care that it was less than what I bought it for. ICON had a much bigger price drop, so it actually was a great trade.

  4. How long would you think it would take BTC to rise back up to its highs (if at all) from last year ($18K+)? And that story was amazing btw.

    And idk if you’re still doing the “giveaway-every video thing” but just in case:


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