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Tron, it’s supposed to be the Ethereum killer. Speeds so fast and code so good the Ethereum Virtual Machine is left shook. In today’s video we will be diving into the public Github of Tron, and looking at their open source developer practices. Are the devs communicating well? Are they following the developers best practices?

Also we run Tron’s java code through a software tool called Sonarqube. This will scan for common errors in code, using a computer program. How does Tron’s code do??

You have to tune in to find out!!!
Taking a look at NEO’s code, Bitcoin’s code, and one more!!

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27 thoughts on “Tron’s Code-You won’t BELIEVE what we FOUND!! Dev Ops Manager Explains $TRX $NEO $BTC

  1. Dude im a new follower, been following you since the vechain thing, but ur channel is awesome man, so many cryptos are full of bs, they get millions and dont do shit to promote their coin, its bs, and so many projects fail to deliver and if they deliver they deliver crappy code, keep it up, crypto needs this cleansing.

  2. Damn Chico, I really like this sort of segment on your channel! Beyond the typical P.R. and marketing within the crypto space, focusing on the nuts and bolts, and looking underneath the hood of crypto projects is a cool feature.

  3. Very nice; this is the good stuff! Learn people to find the real diamonds. Why did nobody else think of this before? Gifhub is a way to get a good impression about the project!

    Tyler good to let Bill to do this video!
    I hope Travala brings you to Australia soon. If it happens you have to look out for the drop bears ?

  4. New Business. As fund companies enter the space they have no information on what they are investing in. These companies don't know if the coin they are considering is junk or if there is a great team working on the code. With stocks valuation is relatively straight forward or valuation methods are. With crypto its hard to valuate the project. Cudos to Chico for his past work. I could see a guy/group taking this github information and using it as one of metrics (create a metric)for for valuation. This metric would then be part of the valuation methodology for fund managers to assess opportunity.

  5. The title of the video is a bit fuddy tho. Maybe if you don't over exaggerate you will be more credible. Too many crypto YouTubers have quality content but clickbait video titles kinda make the content creator be less credible than expected

  6. 2 dudes who have only partnership with Youtube are trying to trash some $billion crypto companies.
    Come on!! Get a life and just drink less during the show.

  7. One thing I am concerned with, with any project, being that crypto is so open source, is that so many people from around the world contribute to the code of all of these projects and the language barriers may cause issues with communication on github. How can open source projects ensure they communicate changes when devs around the world are all touching this code.

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