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In this video, Captain Crypto and Philip are attending this year’s Ethereum Devcon. They are interviewing well-known cryptocurrency personalities, one of them being Boxmining, to hear their thoughts about Ethereum 2.0 aka Serenity.
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13 thoughts on “Thoughts About Ethereum 2.0/Serenity ft. Boxmining – ETH Devcon 4

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  2. Boxmining is a phony who has a bunch of fake YouTube comments on his page. Just a bunch of fake ghost accounts that he uses to make his channel look more active….then he actually replies to himself. He deletes ANY comment that calls him out or questions him in any way. He’s a fraud, a fake and he cannot be trusted. He does all these reviews on shit coins just for shit coin payment. But of course he never flat out says it’s a shit coin…cause then other shit coins won’t use him. This guy started down the path of deception and now he’s on the road of deception. Just go to each and every one of his vids and look at the comments …. mostly by hot girls … yeah okay Boxmining. Lol

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