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Hi guys another quick update here with some technical analysis & trading tips for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Dash & the crypto markets in general.

Remember to trade with caution, we are at very high levels & this whole thing can reverse & crash anytime now 😉

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26 thoughts on “State of the market – BTC, DASH, BCH, BCC & the rest (Technical analysis)

  1. Dobe,

    What are your thoughts on Monero? Seems way undervalued. It's going to be the most private coin on the market. 100% untraceable with kovri enabled. Tax season is coming and the dark web is exclusively using monero. I wonder if ETN will truly be an exact fork of Monero. I had dismissed it, but it ha a nice run the other day and 100k coins of ETN might not be a bad idea.
    Oh, and you can't even tell how many wallets are even in existence! It's truly a swiss bank account.

  2. Thanks for the video dobe! Theres something I dont get.. if you say Btc should either correct to 8k or crash later on, and Bch is trading in direct correlation to Btc now, then by logic it means that there will be a better time (sooner rather than later) to buy Bch. Am I wrong?

  3. Do you think that bitcoin cash has entered a downtrend? If bitcoin continues to correct downwards, bitcoin cash will go down too. It does not seem to be trading inversely to bitcoin anymore.

  4. My head is going crazy. I can't think that many layers chess game – to buy some potential coin (as your mentioned BCH) and then imagine it will shoot up (in camprare to BTC), but BTC is dropping, so are you gaining or are you loosing in result…

  5. Thanks for the update. Reason I 'freaked out' is because I had a leveraged long position in bch in 2 different Plus500 accounts and I got margin called in one of them loosing around 10k because I was using bitfinex as reference and they did not show the super low spike as Plus500 so I didnt take action in time. I am defending my second long position now with all that I can because Plus500 fuckers no longer allow me to open a lot of bch or btc so if im out it is over, that is why i didnt take 20k profits before. I can now survive until around 950 i think, and have sold all my bch and set buy orders at that point plus have plus500 shorts with this as target. Yes I play with high risks but this is profit money. I now have two plans but obviously if it stays above 970 and then climbs I will make a lot of money, and can easily rebuy my bch in the dips. This is why i was 'freaking out' because i needed to monitor 970 and not just 0.11 or 0.1. But I am HODLing and have a plan now. As soon as 970 comes in sight plan B will activate. Thanks. Hope the cats are fine.

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