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None of my videos, posts, comments anywhere is financial advice. I’m not a financial advisor. This is for entertainment purposes only. Invest at your own risk and be aware of the fact you can lose all your money investing.

29 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: You’re rich. What do you do?!

  1. 100% Rob! If my XRP pays off my plans are to buy a few upmarket apartments, the rent will be my monthly savings and I will continue working my normal job and live my life normal. The rich lifestyle comes with a lot of unhappiness, which I rather avoid. Rich people attract alot of fake people and also many people got rich yet still ended up broke, look at artists like Whitney Houston, DMX and Sean Kingston. I think if people are not sure how they will react, they should go for counseling or go to a financial advisor. Yes XRP is going to make alot of people rich but not all of them will stay rich, thats a guarantee. Have an amazing day Rob. Great video.

  2. Ride on. The whole time you were talking I was waiting for real estate to slip out. First thing I plan on doing If xrp ever hits my desired mark would be multiple apartment buildings & tax exempt interest bonds. Then again i'm only 25 & those could all be terrible ideas. Don't listen to me ?

  3. I'm going to star in the next Power Rangers series as some random dude in the background. Maybe make a movie about all the Fudsters who missed the XRP train and couldn't comprehend that XRP MAX SUPPLY IS TOO LOW.

  4. I would cash out and place all the money in a swiss fixed rate bank account and keep investing with the money in interests. Definitely keep working! Can someone from you please advice on what swiss bank to go with? and do you know which one has the best interest rate for 12 months please? I'd really appreciate it!

  5. 1,000 XRP is good enough – the rest should go in infrastructure coins like Ethereum. Otherwise, you're just blowing your money on nothing. You're better off betting on XLM, at least Coinbase is considering listing it.

  6. So in other words, take your investment and reinvest it. Why would we reinvest in anything but crypto? 8% a year in property isnt close to what could be made in reinvesting say in new crypto projects.

  7. Keep investing. Start a small trucking company. Flip a couple homes and rent them out. Invest in a fast food franchise. My work would be managing my companies and investments.

  8. Truth. I had several rentals after 10 years I sold them with profit now using the cash to flip homes. I would only buy a lambo if I have at least 20 to 30K monthly income. My friend has a lambo and he hardly drives it, it is not your everyday car you still have to buy a second car for your daily drive.

    Bottomline stick to real estates.

  9. Majority will loose money 2% will make money. The rest are fake people trying to sell you bitcoins. 20 years online and this is the best scam, wish i had thought of this. Crypt o based on nothing but fairy-dust. I am selling fairy dust 0.234586.98 bitcoins per gram. Any Takers…
    60% of youtube accounts are fake or made up beware.
    Silver is being bought by JPMorgane because no gold in American banks left.

  10. I would purchase fixer uppers for 10 to 15k and put 10 to 15 k into the property. Restoring its value back to 50k or more.

    Put a renter in the home so it isn’t vacant.
    Acquire as many as possible.

  11. Pay off student loan, buy a property in the UK and another one or two abroad. Then just travel and hobbies and never have to work at some horse shit job again. Really I dont care about luxury at all, I just want the most valuable things of all – freedom and financial peace of mind

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