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45 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Will Defeat Ethereum And Spark A Bull Market!!!???

  1. Hey Rob i need some advice, i am a bit frustrated when XRP was around 0.25 i had no Fiat, now i got some extra to invest and not sure if it will come down again….
    Is this pump just institutions, FOMO of normal folks or what? What would you do i you had fiat to invest NOW, wait for the next pull back? Cheers mate!

  2. do you think that it could dip in price again? i personally would like it to, as i am wanting to buy more when i gather the funds, but the end of the year so close and the promise of xrapid going live.. im doubtful.

  3. Good strategy mate, I would also rather sell all my other coins before I even consider selling my XRP. I don't think it will drop below 24 cents, this would further demonstrate that the market is destroyed if it can physically do that again.  I think it may drop to 35 but any lower would suggest a much longer bear market than we all thought.

  4. If you visit Ripple partner list
    and check column "Testing xRapid", if only 10% of those companies doing xRapid trials decide to go with xRapid it will spark such boom in XRP.
    For example, Santander alone has almost 50 BILLION revenue, can you imagine how much liquidity they could inject into XRP in next 1-2 years ? And that is just one bank !!! 🙂
    I honestly believe XRP could reach 10 USD in 3-6 months … call me crazy… but that is how I see it.

  5. Like your videos bro. I just want to ask you about the toast wallet if it is a good wallet to store the xrp because i don’t have the ledger nano and i am saving the money to buy more xrp ????. Appreciate your help

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