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Lol I forgot to announce a winner, next video 2 winners.
So we could definitely have a long conversation about if the ripple riddler’s prediction has allready become a reality. We’ve gotten quite a bump in price today which COULD be all that he was referring to. He could also be referring to the terms of adoption that will only become bigger, he could be referring to alot of things.
Let me know what your opinions are in the comment section.

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25 thoughts on “Ripple (XRP): Was The Ripple Riddler Right About November 5th?

  1. Let's discuss Down here if you think this was it, if you think it's still to come, and then WHAT that is.
    Also let me know if you think this is plain dumb/coincidental

  2. I do find it interesting that the ripple Riddler senega important things about November 5th however I am kind of curious if it is simply a matter of self fulfilling prophecy

  3. I have to go back and watch your last video because I'm not sure of what was predicted by ripple rider. If I were to make a prediction … I predict the breakout will happen a few days after the midterms.

  4. If you refer to the one before last ripple riddler video the beginning showed movement through mountain valleys…. anyone happen to look at the xrp chart movements…. sure looks like a series of mountains, that right before them is the flat valley of lows……

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