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35 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP: Up or Down From Here?!

  1. Hey everyone. I am 17 years old and have just found out about ripple xrp and I see the change in the world with crypto currency and how it will boom very soon. How ouch money should I invest in ripple xrps stock?? Should I go all out for ripple xrp? Say $1000 invested into it? Or do multiple crypto currency companies with a few hundred in each?? I’d love you’re guys’ insight as we all have this head start on a rich life

  2. If u can't take the heat, get out the kitchen. Simple. Bears & bulls make $$$$ , pigs get slaughtered. Be patient my xrp bro's and sis's. Our times coming. 589 & beyond. Xrp baby. Let's get it fam!

  3. Ripple's target market is measured in the 10's of trillions, if you include derivatives and commodities. Customer include the central banks of the United States, UK, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No other product in history, other than the paper USD has attempted to take on such a gargantuan market. Great video!

  4. So, many have speculated that XRP will become a world currency, and with that carries the connotation of the cashless society/mark of the beast, etc. Thus, XRP is said to be the bankers coins. Now, Swift is a company that I would put in the "Big Club" where the bankers and other elitist have membership. XRP which was born from Ripple is now not partnering with Swift and is a competitor. Would that then give credence to Ripple and XRP not being in the same "Big Club" as they are now competitors? Would that legitimize XRP as being more of an anti-system type of currency? Although, one can make the argument that it's just two heads of the same coin – Swift/XRP as it pertains to the Bankers, its just diversification to make it appear there is not financial hegemony.I love your content and i truly believe its possible getting rich even in a bear market. I stumbled upon Mr Wesley Wills and he made me understand the principles behind profiting irrespective of the prevailing trend. I use a simple graph from him as well as his trade patterns and daily signals and i have already made very good earning in several tens of thousand. He also has the characteristic of doing his best to not only show you but tell you why it is so. He did awesome for me and i am so pleased to share this with as many as i can. His contacts are wesleywillsclinic @ gmail or WhatsApp (+44 7482 875028)

  5. There is this prophecy going around stating $589 at the end of 2018… you might have heard about it 😉 So because all prophecies come true, we must be going up. Only an insane amount of buying can do that though. XRP is only worth what someone is willing to give for it. So the question becomes: who wants to buy XRP at $1, $10, $100, $200,…? Unless some insane buying volume comes in, we go down and will probably flatten out this bear market for months to a year. I hope buying volume comes in though for some miraculous reason nobody knows yet. Maybe the guy who wrote the prophecy knows something more…

  6. Too emotional these last 2 months so hodl! Time will tell If my XRPs will keep quiet in my nano or part of them will take a ride to the exchange platform to make some cash by eoy

  7. Nobody knows. ( Possibly some silenced by non disclosure? )
    Your channel has grown a lot quickly, it does not seem long ago when I first commented & you had less than 100 subs, you must be doing something right, well done.

  8. Rob Art hit me up. I like your videos and have subscribed and sent to friends.
    I totally agree. If you have something to sell sell and invest now. But keep investing AND working to invest more.

  9. I'm already happy if it hits 5 dollars EOY, still have to see if that's actually going to happen. I think this is the silence before the storm period, but nobody know's when the storm is coming. I also put some bets on other coins. BTC, TRX, RVN, BAT (XLM is a nice one too, on the first of December the lightning network is going to be launched, so there can be made some profits there if you buy early). Made some money on PIVX by selling it on time yesterday. Life's good lol.

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