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[All investing is speculative. Don’t be a n00b. This isn’t financial advice. Just one man’s opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables effecting the system, at exactly the same time.]

5 thoughts on “Ripple XRP Trials with Western Union

  1. I think there's space in the world for all kinds of solutions. If this is going to help poor people around the world in the short/med term that's always a good thing. Perhaps later someone will come with a descentralized Solution that will be easy to adopt and replace the Western Unions of the world, in the meantime Ripple is a giant improvement

  2. Nice ! Should we expect another ten gazillion videos from you today during the day ? I just do not get it why to make bunch of short videos about ripple instead of one mid length ? Don’t you realize that you are spamming ? … aaaah fuck it … dislike and unsubscribe info that you provide not worth the spam you daily create .

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