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21 thoughts on “Ripple XRP “The Wealthy” Just Changed

  1. I've been telling everyone I can think of the same thing! Once the power players position themselves and solidify their vision with regulators… Your chances of investing with just a few hundred bucks from the convenience of your phone without a broker or some type of "go between" are OVER!!!

  2. My name is Joe, and right now I am so glad to be average, because my opportunity has arrived. Listen and start believing. Not one of us is invested in XRP because we are ignorant. Like DAI we saw something. The path that ripple took made sense. We as individuals should now at this moment should be collecting as much xrp as possible. I know most of you have not been in this position before , never will again. Listen to this man, feel the excitement in his voice and attitude. He Knows!!

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  4. folks, listen very carefully to what these gentlemen are talking about. There are digital assets/block chain companies that have actual use cases that are in positions to transform the current economy. the main stream media will use every means possible to distract you from whats really going on. Wake up.
    XRP will be a staple, working in the background ………..that no one ever heard about.

  5. Can’t believe that I’ve watched every single clip uploaded by you since you appeared on YouTube. Reason I started listening to you was because you remind me of my friend Steve who was from down south and had the same tang or accent as you… I’ve checked out so many YouTube channels but no one is more informative and inspirational than the digital asset investor. One love.

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