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32 thoughts on “Ripple XRP the Missing Link: Amazon and Western Union ?

  1. You are so fucked up. U don’t even know what u r talking. Same shit again and again with Apple uber Amazon. U dick head this ain’t the price prediction. U mother fucker! I’m in talks with YouTube and ur channel will be banned for ever! Go sell ur powder someplace else!

  2. I have a clear opinion to give today, the sobering reality, of elite individuals owning as much as the entire poorer half of the human, global population combined, leads me to deduce, they're not emotionally "human". Whatever else the ruling elite may be, they're misanthropic, malignant narcissist, malthusian megalomaniacs, whose insatiable greed & utterly selfish lust for luxury & power, gets justified as a Darwinian Imperative & manifest destiny. ETH got gains over 0.30% , that is to show how manipulative crypto is, and BTC falling -0.18%, we should not wait for the government manipulations anymore, trade and make your good cash now, hold and regret when the market finally crashes, That is why I will keep day trading because I get good profits trading all day rather than just holding and not knowing the future of what you are holding, there will always be speculations in this market, well if you are still in the dark not knowing this, well its okay I was once negligence of this, not until I met Engr. Johnson Bale from Ireland, I got the best advise and he helped me utilize some coins from 10K investment to 75K profits in a week, not only that, I can also trade and invest perfect coins when and what time to, you all can seek is advise also on Email for the best trade analysis.

  3. There was a time when somebody brought bitcoin for the last time at $2…and they didnt know it. There will be a time when we buy xrp at .40 cents for the last time and we won't know it..remember the 5th of November. Did you buy xrp at .45 cents for the last time??

  4. It is said that amazon spends almost a billion to banks for convertions every year the use case of xrapid will make that billion to few dollars.
    Amazon to trillion dollar company ?

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