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26 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Swift Says No to XRP,? Coinbase Rumors & Major Swedish Bank Looking to Use xRapid

  1. SWIFT is "whistling past the graveyard." Their own! They have the business acumen of maggots…the writing is on the wall and they want to play games and be cryptic. Screw them if that is how the want to be. Even IBM and Stellar are coming into the market now. And Ripple and XRP have a big head start. SWIFT will soon be obsolete if they do not partner or adapt.

  2. jungle u and a lot of the arp community you tubers need to mention at the end of every video tell people not to listen to these scammers in the comments and fake accounts ..its on the comments for every freakin video i watch..

  3. Keep in mind SWIFT probably HATES the XRP Community. We talk SO MUCH SHIT to them on Twitter EVERY DAY reminding them how slow they are. We even have a parody account of SWIFT that talks about how slow they are lol. We are damn near the ONLY people who even engage in SWIFTS tweets. No financial institutions or banks are engaging with them on Twitter. Just the XRP Community, talking hela shit lol. They trolled the fuck out of us during SIBOS with their tweets. SWIFT ain't guna come out and be like "Aye we pumpin XRP thru this bitch, HODL!". Dilip Rao from RIPPLE already said they aren't directly integrated with SWIFT, so nobody should expect SWIFT to say "yeah man, the folks at Ripple are the homies #WeWorkin" lmao

  4. Maybe CB is seeing zrx getting little interest. Hardly moving at all.. dropping for the most part. How many more tokens can they add that do nothing, before they add xrp? Not that i care anymore either.. silly stubborn pride they have.

  5. LoL… Rolling on the floor laughing. You PERFECTLY summed up the silliness of today's "news release"… They needed 3 years, a forced upgrade, a 1 week conference with football style commentary to roll out a "transaction ID".

    The whole thing makes me laugh…I'm sure they are wondering how they can block Temenos and SAP from connecting SWIFT to RippleNet. Sadly, old school leaders in these companies know nothing about YouTube so they totally missed the Temenos video from 2016. ❤️❣️❤️

  6. luv xrp. hate endless channels talkin old stupid shit ad nauseam for eyeballs sake. fuk SWIFT. its old tech and irrelevant. What? u people dont think bank CDIOs dont talk to each other?? lmfao.

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