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Confirmation and Hindsight Bias

Psychological anchor

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29 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Rebutting The Ripple Riddler

  1. Whoaaa.. what's with all that psychological mumbo jumbo dude. Most people are intelligent enough to know right from wrong and when they are being entertained or being fed a line. Ripple riddler was just pasting GFX and music relevant to Ripple for infotainment. Probably threw the towel in because it's a time consuming and frivolous activity. Sam I am is just a sensitive guy who likes creatives and reads between the lines.. lol 🙂 Don't thing you need to look that deeply into the psychology of a trader or hodler.. you'll only confuse the situation.. just my 2c..

  2. Rippler Riddler Is A BullShit
    So Far The Same BullShit As BearableGuy,Decoder,Or Anything Else.
    I Think There Is No Amazon Pinky,Apple Robot,Microsoft Ultraman In Their Time.
    This Prove,Cryptocurrency Not Mature Enough,To Give Your Financial To This Kind Of Joke Like Riddler Or His/Her Kind.
    Please Wake Up People.

  3. Its Just Entertainment exactly as it states! There is enough Wrapping people up in Cotton Wool in the big wide world as it is, after 1 year in this space listening to people drool on and on it's nice to have some colour and music!

  4. Funny you don't believer in Ripple Riddler by you are making a series about him. Dude you need to stop making yourself look a fool. you don't like SamIam that's the only reason you are doing these videos why don't you focus on real news if you think this is bs

  5. I appreciate the grounding OZ.

    Some of it I don’t agree with but I’m busy today to actually send a proper reply.

    I think it’s harsh that people are giving you the thumbs down. In any investment opening this type of dialogue is important! Bcus it’s easy to see what u want to see and get tunnel vision….

  6. I think most people know this is all a conspiracy theory but I think people watch these videos because it’s entertainment and fun. No harm it’s just fun to believe these connections may have a connection even if it’s a far far shot

  7. Utility, Utility, Utility, spindle in a little speculation and FOMO – That's what will increase value.

    Your spot in about business and outcomes – they are not always on a clear timeline. I wouldn't invest in something because the value of it was analyzed off some riddle.

    On the other hand there could be someone in the know of contract timelines, test dates, roll out dates, etc of the new onboarding process of new customers. They could potentially make an attempt at forecasting specific movement, or at the very least provide big news. If for some off chance this person decided to have a bit of fun and hide this kind of information in the riddles……

    But wouldn't this put this person at potential legal scrutiny, and also potentially undermine the legitimate roll of XRP in the RippleNet?

  8. Out of all the people I have listened to giving us there ideas and thoughts after doing there own research. I have not heard anyone tell a lie….It’s up to you to believe what there saying.

    If some said to you bathe in this pond and it will give you magic powers.
    Would you believe them or spread the idea of the magic pond?

    People like ideas people need to believe.

  9. Lol galgadom made you do this get him or her to do their own dirty work and at least sam is not trying to sell the nano s and profit from his videos and neither is suzie

  10. Thank you OZ for your concerns. BGs and RR have been extremely entertaining. They also warned people to do their own research and for entertaining purpose. They are addressing to General adults and investors. So I don’t think that you should hold them accountant-able. I do believe that they are trying to help the XRP community especially SamIam who spent a considerable time for the XRP community without asking for any donation except for local charity that he is involved. Sam gets a huge respect from the community as well. People must make their own research and judgement which had been reminded over and over again by them as well. So peace out.

  11. I have to be honest, I don't care about Ripple Riddler. On the other hand bg123, most things that he said had come to fruition so I want to see if his price prediction for 2018 becomes a reality

  12. I think most dont understand what the bearable guy or ripple riddler has done. If they had never broadened peoples horizon with the thought they have portrayed, most holders would sell at ATH and walk away. Do to their narrative, many people will keep holding past that, now having the mindset that it is much bigger than initially thought. Only my opinion.

  13. The Ripple Riddler hasn't really said anything at all. Its also quite possible maybe an insider is telling him what to put into the videos and the Riddler himself has no idea what it means. Its SamIam who is doing all the talking. You would have to be a bloody genius to come up with Nov18 from that video with the Balloons. But in saying that it was fun while it lasted. There is no Bitcoin Batman or Stellar Spiderman supporting their community.

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