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32 thoughts on “Ripple XRP – Heading for MASS ADOPTION – $100+ EOY

  1. You have missed the boat, time for the OTT EOY predictions is over, people see through that now, I’m a long term holder so nothing against it, I’ve done my research and this is not going anywhere near $100 in 53 days, not saying it won’t do it eventually, it doesn’t matter what has happened in previous years with anything, it’s not going to do it, we will be lucky to get past $1 which is still a good ROI following the year we have had ?, sincerely hope I am wrong for all the loyal XRP holders so we shall see…..

  2. Where do you ppl on here get your $100 EOY bullshit lol. Bitcoin soared last yr. doesn't mean this will happen every 4th 1/4. I hope your right but your prob not just click baiting.

  3. $100 xrp would require that single crypto to have a 4 trillion dollar market cap with its circulating supply of 40 billion. PEOPLE, that is 20 times the amount of capital in the ENTIRE CRYPTO MARKET. how can anyone believe this shit could truly happen?

  4. People do your research don’t jump into conclusions wen you don’t know nothing about wats going on in the background. Last year bitcoin went up “”14,000$”” in two months so don’t say nothing you not a professional in. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean it isn’t true

  5. When i read such video topics, first thing i do is pause the video, dislike it and search for another stupid prediction video to dislike, i hate this clickbait bitches.

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