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37 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP: Fun Facts & XRP.

  1. hey Rob!!, I've still got my dip money ready for a drop but the temptation to buy is hard to fight at 0.44c, still holding up strong tho, what are you thinking about the price short term?, I personally feel that support at .045c will break and catch at 0.32c, so I'll pick up some more then. please share thoughts, still expecting a new low?, cheers bro

  2. I think a LOT of people underestimate the power of crypto currency and especially the ones with actual real life use cases. only time will tell.. so long.. the king is dead (bitcoin) – long life the king (xrp)
    welcome back good to see you again

  3. Are your wrist watches safe?

    Stay warm and make sure you're encouraging your viewers to divest. There is nothing worse than disappointed followers. And we do not control all the time and moves of the future

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