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Ripple/XRP – Big Video Planned – AWOL

48 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP – Big Video Planned – AWOL

  1. Small note to anyone NOT getting why LFC would make a 35 minute pre-announcement video…

    First, its obvious that he's onto something big, but wants to present it in a structured manner that connects the dots well; however, and more importantly for this video… he is bursting at the seams, dying to extend a giant middle finger to those in the XRP space that have gone "Lord of the Flies" in calling his theories out. This video is a massive YouBird being flipped.

  2. Let all the people who poo poo "speculation", who call anything that isn't an official Ripple announcement FUD, explain why XRP shot up 15% yesterday while BTC was stuck in park. When XRP shoots up like it did last year with no Ripple anouncement, they can sit there with their jaws wide open, scratching their heads.

    Plain and simple, Ripple isn't talking, RippleNet partners aren't talking, big banks, insiders and governement agencies aren't talking; you'll be the last person to know what's going on if you're waiting for "factual information". And the price will shoot up into the atmosphere before you even have a hint of what's really going on behinds the scenes. Let the "realists" sell their stash at a "realistic" price like $10. I'm waiting untill global adoption, baby. I look forward to your video.

  3. Let me guess, xrp is going to be the official one world currency? You can ramble and waffle for 30 minutes but you can't deliver your video within 4 days, baring in mind you already have the information so there's no real reason for this long ass wait for your subscribers.

  4. And people think that the rise in September was retail buying ????? IT WAS FUCKING TESTING THE WATERS FOR XRAPID PEOPLE. In no way shape or form was that fucking usual retail buying. Great small snipet of what is coming when the meter gets blasted the fuck open.

  5. the more curse words , the better.. i put your video on my big screen and laugh my a$$ off.. very entertaining.. i have been down the rabbit hole for about a year myself & i am waiting on vindication day…. XRP is bigger than anyone knows… all I can say is hodl & don't run for the exit too quick… regret 4ever… can't wait for the video mate.. be SURE to curse a lot & add some more fooks in there… LOL.. & get us some more inner city driving so we can see more stuff there… thanks mate..

  6. Dude! I absolutely love your content everytime but this video was for what??? Man this crypto stuff is getting to you brother…Take a shot, kick your feet up and look at the ceiling….CHIIIILLLLL!!! Emotions are getting to you.

  7. I don't wanna be part of your entire daily commute. I felt like I was car pooling with you and I just wanted to jump out. Next time please pretend you're at a drive-through window and just give me the news.

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