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35 thoughts on “Ripple XRP , American Express , Overstock , Fidelity Digital Assets

  1. Why is everything a competition?… Bitcoin will only be a victim of progress, we want the crypto space united and doing well. Remember Satoshi and all the way we have come and will go because of Bitcoin! Pay your homage and thank Her for the gifts she bestows… or not, your choice.

  2. I ask this question, clearly for information purposes, not trolling but looking for knowledge on the matter. My question is, why do we base so much off of what Ripple is doing with the Future success of XRP? If Ripple and XRP are 2 different things that don't need or act together why is there so much excitement for XRP, When Ripple makes a big move or partnership? i feel like the way we lump them together in the success of one meaning success for the other plays into the whole security over currency talk. I don't know maybe someone could explain it better to me.

  3. If you go down to your local mall or similar venue and ask if people know what XRP or Ripple are they simply have no clue. Most havent even heard of bitcoin, and even those are probably 5-7 out of 100 people. We are at the top of the 1st inning people!-put your XRP away and stop thinking about it unless adding.

  4. Since everybody is suddenly mega bullish on XRP short term, ill go bearish short term. Still mega bullish long term. But in the short term there's nothing that can make me believe that it won't drop again. The recent price movements up were so picture perfect, that only manipulation could have pushed it up like that. Utility spikes look much different obviously. The price was slowly brought up, something that retail money couldn't have done in that manner.

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