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Ripple/XRP – $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

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29 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP – $5000 The Economic Machine (IOV)

  1. RESPECT KURT! you & your team work dame hard to put these video's out there for us so you need to know there are many like myself who really appreciate it, thanks. Listen we are all doing this for the same reason we want to improve our lives & that of our families & maybe help some less fortunate people out there along the way. Ok we can all dream it's human nature & nothing wrong with that. How many people out there say I wish I had bought microsoft, google or amazon even a Banksy painting when it was a few hundred quid. It's the early bird that catches the worm as they say & unfortunately when investing as very early stages of something new we are often ridiculed but these same people who do not have the guts, balls or foresight to take a risk are the very same people who whinge & cry when they see they missed a great opportunity & what do they say WISH I GOT IN WHEN IT WAS AT SUCH A LOW PRICE I WOULD BE RICH NOW. Same old broken record, so I say F**K the sceptics I prefer to dream & if you have a dream it might as well be a big one. Only time will tell & i've made my decision & will have to live by it. If it works out as I hope as a joe average bloke mine & my families lives will change forever, if it does not work out then hey I have to live by my decision & get on with life as best I can. Remember life owes us nothing but i'd rather go through life & say I tried. Thanks once again for your hard work (;o))>.

  2. Hi What can I say ! Bravo Bravo Bravo,This is educational film for people who don't know what is going to happening , I am in crypto for 5 years and this is one the best film so far .Most important are links you provided . And from my research is true XRP is already New Global Currency but only for banks and financial institutions and of course for governments. Later on will be for mass . So gut job and my prediction is min 10000$ (2025-2030) when all assets will be integrated with interledger. Thank you for you film and gut luck .

  3. The sobering reality, of elite individuals owning as much as the entire poorer half of the human, global population combined, leads me to deduce, they're not emotionally "human". Whatever else the ruling elite may be, they're misanthropic, malignant narcissist, malthusian megalomaniacs, whose insatiable greed & utterly selfish lust for luxury & power, gets justified as a Darwinian Imperative & manifest destiny. ETH got gains over 0.30% , that is to show how manipulative crypto is, and BTC falling -0.18%, we should not wait for the government manipulations anymore, trade and make your good cash now, hold and regret when the market finally crashes, That is why I will keep day trading because I get good profits trading all day rather than just holding and not knowing the future of what you are holding, there will always be speculations in this market, well if you are still in the dark not knowing this, well its okay I was once negligence of this, not until I met Mr Adams Hudson from Ireland, I got the best advise and he helped me utilize some coins from 2Btc to 10Btc in a week, not only that, I can also trade and invest right coins, you all can seek is advise also on Email {} Skype/Whatsapp {+447482877027}

  4. Good Show Curt, Has confirmed my personal feelings that ive gleaned from people like yourself, you concentrated on Banking. and still came out with a decent figure and timeline, BUT,, what if the stockmarkets and maybe the FXmarkets together with the pension pots just laden with fiat, would their integration onto the Interledger and xrp (if that is feasible/ possible) could that even bring the timeline forward? and maybe inflate the price per xrp? This is in no way to be taken as a criticism of the work, time and effort that you have put into your posts, which i have enjoyed thus far.

  5. Love for crypto this video from 2016 backs up what your saying about the IPL. Please watch till the end.

    EB131 – Stefan Thomas & Evan Schwartz: Building The Internet Of Payments…

    Stefan talks about XRP towards the end. But it was a real eye opener about the ILP before they had any NDA and want to share with the world what they had created. Enjoy the video mate

  6. i watch a lot of videos on YouTube, watched one maybe two of your videos… but with this one… i am officially a subscriber from now on. Good research mate, fooooking good research !! stay with us on youtube and do not ever leave, please! i appreciate good research. and oh yeah.. fuck C3 Nick 😀

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