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29 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: $0.47 to $3.49 in 3 Weeks & 3 Days

  1. So I need help understanding many coins does it take to process a $1000 transaction? What point does ripple start to release more coins? what happens when we run out?

  2. I had a dream all of us XRP nerds were in a hotel ballroom somewhere in Europe, and people were giving speeches, kissing one anthers butts. So the guy on stage was saying,"Where is bearableguy? I bet you are here, stand up, we want to applaud you." The room gets deadly silent, no one moves. Then a guy stands up, and yells "I am Spartacus!" It was pretty damn funny…you had to be there, ok?

  3. Love your videos, bro but bio-fuels are not really a natural progression; more of a regression. They don't make economic sense to use farm land that can be used to produce food to produce fuel, when it can just be pulled form the ground for far less. The only way bio-fuels could survive in the free market is with governement subsidies and mandates.

    Just like when lawmakers in MN mandated that 10% of all gasoline should have 10% ethenol, all that did was jack the price of corn up through the roof, raise the cost of gasoline and give us gasoline that produced worse gas mileage, defeating the whole purpose. Bio-fuels also raise the price of food crops because it makes farmland more scarce. I'd argue thst using natural gas to fuel automobiles is the natural progression, since it is more abundant than oil, cheaper to refine, costs less than oil and produces 30% less carbon emissions (if you're convinced that man-made co2 is an environmental problem). Also should be noted that the bi-product of fermentation is straight Co2. Then to distille the spirits requires fire and heat, which would probably require natural gas or coal. So just because it comes from a plant, doesn't necessarily make bi-fuels superior, environmentally or economicly. So I'd say XRP is more like natural gas replacing oil.

    XRP can stand on it's own 2 legs because it makes economic sense in a free market, doesn't need subsides or mandates, saves time, saves money, it just makes sense. Thats why it'll become adopted.

  4. Just for clarity, has the SEC actually come out and declared anything about ETH or BTC? All I can find is that one speech by that one guy, and the footnote literally says 'he does not speak for the commission in any official capacity."

  5. Just going to repeat my past comment. As far as predictions..there a dime a dozen.. so yes wouldn't it be so amazing if it hit $589? Yes, it would but let us change it up..wouldn't it be great if it hit $5? Yes, it would. OK, how about this wouldn't be great if you won the lottery. What I am telling everyone is look at the technology, not the price. This technology is so far ahead of any others. Look at all the facts that are happening around the crypto environment ( Markets). Now look at all the cross-border payment solutions that are actually happening, Central Banking is coming aboard, Spring is coming. Forget the price and start thinking about the future. You are at the forefront of the most innovative blockchain technology. You are ahead of the big financial institutions. Just think about that for a moment and let that sink in. You have outsmarted the entire financial institutions who know so much. Remember the hate they spewed and the jokes they made and the insults they tossed. XRP will climb to a height you cannot even imagine. Congratulations XRP community. You are the future and we will have the last laugh.

  6. I’m constantly watching videos of Schwartz, Asheesh, and Stefan Thomas, and then like a crazy person, I watch them again….. I listen to them for their knowledge of the technology. While at the same time, it gives me more confidence regarding XRP.

    It’s amazing how confident they are when it comes to not only the products that they stand with, but also the problems that they can see that they will solve in the future.

    Here’s my main point. When people throw out big names like Amazon, Uber, or Bank of America. Everybody thinks they are nuts and it’s never going to happen. When the Ripple team is hit with a big name like that, they almost agree to that statement, with a smile. Mainly because they knowingly aren’t shooting for that Goliath name first. They know that those customers NEED to see the liquidity, and once they do, they will NEED XRP or else they will fall behind.

    Congratulations on your next video being number 100!! Thanks as always.

  7. The intrinsic value of XRP is the same as of all currencies. That being the sharing of TRUST. Stamped coins, printed paper, or cryptic digital code, no difference. PRICE derives from confidence. CONFIDENCE derives from price. Vise versa. Thus forget FOMO and FUD. Build CONFIDENCE.

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