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Ripple vs IOTA in 2018! Who will win? Let’s take a look.

3 Things in favor of IOTA!
1. No fees as the way the Tangle works is you have to verify 2 other transactions. Ripple has transaction fees!
2. IOTA has an upperhand when it comes to every other cryptocurrency because it based on Tangle insead of Blockchain.
When is comes to Tangle vs blockchain, that needs another video entirely.
But to summarize it, Blockchain tech slows down if there are more transactions but Tangle network actually work better and has increased security with more transactions.
Also, Tangle will be able to work even during the era of Quantum computers unlike every other cryptocurrency since Quantum computers will be able to destroy the encryption that secures blockchain.
This shows that IOTA has the longevity that other currencies might not have. In the long run, its a legitimate investment.
3. The Internet of Things is a growing, and many people believe that it will power the 4th industrial revolution:
We now have energy-efficient sensors and a multiple different ways of connecting devices to the cloud.
By 2020 it is estimated that more than 50 billion things, ranging from construction machines to microwaves, will all be connected to the internet.
IOTA has lot to offer here. It’s the network where businesses will interact with each other and allow the development of the IoT. It’s intended to be the currency in which these devices will communicate with.
Now as you can image IOTA is going to play a huge role in the future, and this is the biggest reason why it is worth investing in.

3 Things in favor of Ripple
1. Much more hype than IOTA
2. Already adopted in the real world by multiple big banks and expanding at a much faster rate than most Cryptocurrencies which includes IOTA.
3. Is available in more main stream exchanges which gives a huge advantage over IOTA

By looking at the above factors, Ripple might take the lead in 2018 and win over IOTA but in the long run IOTA will become more popular.

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