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UPDATE: Someone suggested the term token may be referring to the security key fob. After thinking about it, I think this is correct. Hate to back down from such an exciting claim, but that’s likely correct. – RSA is the number one vendor in the space and they refer to their access keys as “tokens”. It’s clear to me that’s what SWIFT is talking about in the slide. Everything else still stands. I’m leaving the video up because everyone makes mistakes, and its’ important to recognize and acknowledge that. On the flip side, It’s a very poorly worded slide.
Instead of “using tokens today on internet” it should be something like “using tokens today for access over the internet” That would make the slide much clearer. Sorry for the confusion folks.




SWIFT GPI Aug. 2018: –

Swift/Ripple Integration Hint: swif_gpi_brochure_march_2018.pdf

29 thoughts on “Ripple/SWIFT Interopreability and Global Adoption Clues

  1. Hi Sam, check out this IMF release back in 2010. The world has been on the hunt for a Supranational currency for a long time, this document dates back 2010 from the IMF. Check out this excerpt:
    "Supranational alternatives – As a complement to a multi-polar system, or even—more ambitiously—its logical end point, a greater role could be considered for the SDR. An even more ambitious option would be to develop a globally-issued currency distinct from the SDR that circulates in lieu of some national ones, or in parallel with them. Both approaches would allow the international monetary system to be less tied to the circumstances of any individual economy, and might even be considered as “Plan B” to increased fragility in the current or a more multi-polar system. To the extent that currency is a natural monopoly, they could also serve as “focal points” to which scale economies might propel the system."

    The new world currency? Are we moving towards a digital asset that has no borders that can complement the world currencies? The world has been on the hunt for such thing and it was under discussion since 2010 by the IMF.

  2. -can you please do a review on EXRN it is getting ready to move with whitepaper-testnet-its own exchange-Sign up for new airdrop….the list goes on and on. You owe me on this one my friend you will retire with this……..

  3. I stand corrected on many of the things I wrote earlier. Jed has 5.3 Billion remaining and he donated 2 Billion. Meaning that at this point he can sell 2% per day based on volume cap. Sorry about the misinfo… 🙁

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