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I have been trading Bitcoin and Altcoins for over a year now and I just want to share something that has helped me tremendously with regards to buy and sell decisions for Bitcoin. Hope you find it helpful with your trading.

One last note I forgot about halfway in:

Trendline = Adoption = Business in Bitcoin, investment into these businesses and user adoption. This is people and money that are not easily withdrawn from the Bitcoin ecosystem. No matter what the price is they still work with Bitcoin.

Spikes = Speculation = Good news and money being put in to make a quick buck. This money can be taken out just as easily as it was put in hence the danger for some with regards to bubbles.

Overall my advice is, whenever the price hits the trendline it’s time to break open that piggy bank!

Hope this helps. A couple of likes and I might do another one and perhaps invest in a mic 😉

Twitter: @thisisjoshr

7 thoughts on “Predicting the Bitcoin price using Math!

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