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Bitcoin seems to have broken through resistance at $5350, at least temporarily. What’s next in the cards?

President Trump is doing a number of things that, while potentially detrimental to the economy, could be quite good for Bitcoin.

The top-subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie has made a deal with blockchain streaming platform DLive, in a move that could start a trend of YouTube exodus.

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10 thoughts on “PewDiePie Goes Crypto | BTC Price Spike | Trump Helps Bitcoin

  1. WARNING to everyone:

    BTC is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin in BTC is just a label, actual Bitcoin is crypto that uses/works as per the Bitcoin white paper which outlines the workings of the Bitcoin system.

    Bitcoin is BSV and checking YouTube videos all I can see is just crooks and extremely uninformed people who have no idea what Bitcoin is, just talking about price.

    This is so pathetic and shameful that all these channels, including yours, are preying on unaware new people who are tricked into buying this useless SegWit Altcoin that still uses Bitcoin label and BTC ticker so that you can make financial gain for yourselves…. this is literally what is defined as a PONZI scheme.

  2. I have a million dollars so could someone tell me where I can buy LINO and give away to streamers and just to let them know how and where do they cash their LINO points out to, the bank of LINO or the LINO cash grab.

  3. It's all an act with Trump and the Fed. Trumps relationship to those who run the Fed is tribal now with his daughters marriage to Kushner. It makes Trump look like the American hero as Its all just a guise.

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