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24 thoughts on “Nasdaq And Ripple XRP Crypto Santa Claus Rally

  1. Love your videos and all the good news, but why does XRP keep tanking?

    You give us amazing world changing news and BOOM XRP drops another 10%, BAKKT incoming more then 200 production contracts signed?! BOOM! Down another 20%..

    It's just disheartening..

  2. Liechtenstein? U guys really wanna go to a nazi country? Criminal target if u go there. Imma go to everywhere and don't buy a house and rot away there. Every country, traveling would be the ultimate reward for me

  3. Sent this video to a friend, hope she watches it and let’s the info sink in, plus that she joins those of us that choose to have cinnamon in their coffee. ?

  4. Anyone having issues with nano s and xrp,installed xrp app. Added to account, checked receive address on live but when checking address on nano device only shows the first and last 4 digits of the address, other tokens show a rolling banner , any ideas would be appreciated , cheers

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