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Things are getting heated up again, recently I have changed my mind about which client I would like to see adopted in this upcoming upgrade and I give my reasoning in this video. Things are getting interesting (in good and bad way) and its making things uncertain… again, and I’m not fond of that.

18 thoughts on “My thoughts on Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin ABC approach for BCH 15th Nov hard fork

  1. The best thing you guys did when you forked off from Bitcoin is taking all the bad actors with you. Now you have your own civil war and it won't be the last one. Meanwhile my bitcoins are still over 6k Dollar a piece, the market is always right they say.

  2. Several high-profile individuals in the Bitcoin BCH community, including Bitmain founder and CEO Jihan Wu and’s Roger Ver, support the integration of new tools on the blockchain in the upcoming upgrade scheduled for a week from now. Among these is DSV, which leads many to wonder what they’re hoping to achieve. If DSV is developed as intended and the Bitcoin BCH turns into a free-for-all gambling platform, this will not sit well with regulators and could ultimately lead to the demise of the cryptocurrency.

  3. i think all we want instantaneous transactions, but nobody ask how much latency can be tolerable for the system (nosotros – us) … 1min, 2min, 5min… all day long delay… lol how much ?? …personally i think if the transactions have 1 or 2 min delay it can be the compromise with a proportional block size.

  4. hello friend I'm Jonathan Chourio, one of the Venezuelans that you have helped I made a request for help for my cousin who is really serious with a strong cancer and to my surprise everything was erased, I wrote to the email support and I do not receive answers and I really need help for my cousin, I hope you can do something for me or at least explain what happened to my account

  5. I saw in a video Craig Wright saying he had a father figure who was Japanese. I think his mothers partner. Maybe thats where Satoshi Nakamoto name comes from. Also alot of people cant handle a real Aussie personality. He is not politically correct.

  6. Everybody is driven by self-interest and every one lies. Expect otherwise you will always be disappointed and feel betrayed. Worse, disgusting of them doesn’t make yourself any better. I appreciate the way they make use of situations to benefit themselves and try to use them to make myself a profit. Craig, go fuck yourself, is a bit more sincere here not because he is a good person but because he has less to lose. He doesn’t sell machines like Jihan and he doesn’t sell contracts like Roger. I am a miner so it is in my self-interest to support Bitcoin SV and I still buy Bitmain miners because they are cheaper. This kind of utilitarian thinking makes decisions much easier and prevents emotional reactions. Bitcoin sucks? So be it. Sell it.

  7. At the end of the day, no matter the best roadmap, everyone was willing to discuss and compromise except CSW and that will never get community support which in turn means support of most miners.. I mean ABC probably would have held off CTOR for for further review but CSW started making threats when it was ABC's fork to begin with, there was no way they could just back down.

  8. It is not about raising the block size. It is not about decentralization. It is about stopping Bitmain burning BCH. Bitcoin is money, not a democracy. Vote with your hash rate, not with your mouth.

    The electricity in Taiwan is so expensive that I spend $2 to mine $1 worth of BCH and I lose 2000 USD every month so that I can support Satoshi's vision with my tiny hash rate, on SV pool.

  9. Imho, I think Hal Finney was Satoshi! Or at the very least was involved.
    Hal was a very early Bitcoin user & received the first bitcoin transaction!
    Craig Right is very smart however I think concerning BTC he is an interloper an opportunist!

  10. ED i think you got confused a lot. I suppose this is because all the negativity in the crypto space. Byt instead of the so called proof of social media, you need to look at it from miners point, not Craig's or Jihan's. Incentives is what matters. High spec nodes will manage bigger blocks. Only the weak ones will drop out. This will help improving the network security, as the new people/companies entering the mining business will have to compete with the best miners. ABC's DSV is stripping incentives, WHC is stripping incentives. Less BCH in circulation means less velocity. meaning less profit per block to miners. Without miners the network will not exist. When network is secure, businesses will come.

  11. I have a hard time with CW- SV's attitude, trust me or The best idea I have heard so far is using multi core cpu power, currently single cpu speed only gets better by 5-10% at best, a year but if the bitcoin software can operate using multi-cores, then we can easily scale 8-16-32 times today, with all other bottlenecks being resolved. Seems ABC-BU is thinking this way.
    I'm watching carefully, but so far very difficult to make a choice.
    As a computer builder, the idea of just increasing the computer power, without improving the software to make use of the improved hardware is just not possible to scale at the levels that Nchain is proposing. (at least based on the info they have shared so far)
    Let the best team win.

  12. Everyone wants to reach giga blocks however you have to do it sensibly. Stress tests showed that software is struggling so it makes sense to improve it before jumping to giga blocks. BCH ftw.

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