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URGENT: Move your Bitcoin Cash to Coinbase, Binance or Poloniex by November 15th to get the new Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV coin that might be created during the November 15th hard fork. Bitcoin ABC is supported by Bitmain and Bitcoin SV is backed by Craig Wright.

This Bitcoin Cash Hardfork is still up in the air but if the various development teams working on Bitcoin Cash can’t come to an agreement, there will be a new coin created from this hard fork, and if you hold your coin at a proper exchange you’ll get the new coin absolutely free. Coinbase, Poloniex and Binance are all supporting the Bitcoin Cash Hardfork November 15th.

Expect the price of Bitcoin Cash to rise until November 15th as investors learn of this news, then quite likely, a sharp pullback immediately after the hardfork is completed.

There may be no hard fork and thus a big let down in investor sentiment towards gaining a new free coin, so be carefully dramatically increasing your position size in Bitcoin Cash in an attempt to gain free Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV coins.

Over at we own ALL of the Top Cryptocurrencies based on their 30-day popularity/trading volume and currently our most aggressive strategy has a 15% target Bitcoin Cash position and our most conservative strategy has 10%.

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