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18 thoughts on “Litecoin And Bitcoin Looking Bullish?!?! (Ethereum Classic Analysis)

  1. YES HAYDEN…LOVE YOUR IDEAS.WE 45 and 60 year olds are having discretionary big money,no offense millennials ,but money is in the hands of 45 to 65 year olds.Focus on who your market is .Most millennials SP ,live at home and have no discretionary money.Peace.

  2. I really want to help you.My 17 year old said "dad I am going to trade school to be an student debt and I love electronics.I will always have a job dad.I was so happy as I guided him but would never make his decision.Hayden,you got the full skills,confidence,looks,physique.You speak from a position of authority.I am really dedicated the rest of my life mentoring.You have to use discernment cause you don't know me from Adam.But if you only knew what my gut got me!!!Your doing good but we could be doing GREAT!!!I say we as I am taking my valuable time helping you.PEACE

  3. That opening song is HORRIBLE…People who have money are not your audience.Van Halen,Journey,Kid Rock.Did you say you are a Sales and Marketing major????KNOW YOUR AUDIENcE.I am sincerely try to help you.

  4. Also again nice Work.
    Only thing to recommend, also on this coin there was a Fork and that was a big reason to the movements.
    Would be great if you take attention on these key dates would be very interesting

  5. DONE! Si glad I didn't sell on the low. Waiting for LTC to break that resistance at 160
    Threw down more of my discretionary pocket change for this month down. Wearing my old boots and eating ramen for the foreseeable future, but driving the Bentley when elwe blow up(not really but I've got high hopes)

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