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#1 – Latest Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain news for the week ending 2 Nov 2018

Government and Institutional adoption increases as we celebrate the birth of cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin whitepaper was introduced to the world on 31st October 2018. The birth of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the trailblazer of cryptocurrencies, has rocked our Financial World.

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Top headlines for this week

From 2018 to 2021, Ukraine will regulate the local crypto exchange market, mining sector, and reduce tax on crypto to 5%
Russia’s diamond titan Alrosa joins De Beers’ blockchain diamond supply chain pilot
Smart Dubai and IBN offer first Government-Endorsed Blockchain Platform in the Middle East
Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Acquired by Belgian Investment Firm in ‘All Cash Deal’
Korea’s Finance Minister Approves Banks Working With Crypto Exchanges
Brazilian Banks Ordered to Reopen Cryptocurrency Exchange’s Frozen Accounts
Bitcoin’s 10th year anniversary – New era of Technological Innovation and Global Disruption
Cryptocurrencies are now a new institutional investment class, rather than a fully developed electronic cash, a Morgan Stanley report says
Venezuela Officially Launches Sale of Controversial Petro Coin for Fiat, Crypto

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