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– JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon spreads more FUD about Bitcoin
– Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says His Son is an Ethereum Miner
– Blockchains LLC shares rendering of their smart city – “Our land in Innovation Park will be a smart city with a decentralized, public blockchain infrastructure underlying all interactions.”
– First brazilian bank on Ripplenet, a highlight for Bexs Bank, a known Ripple partner.
50% of total Brazilian online cross-border volume in 2017.
#Bitcoin #Ethereum #XRP
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39 thoughts on “Jamie Dimon Bitcoin FUD – Google CEO Kid Mines ETH – Blockchains LLC – BEX Brazil bank RippleNet

  1. Hi Tony- I am happy that you boldly stand up for your beliefs and remain unphased by such FUD. Jamie Dimon is something else. I just happened tospeak with an old friend who works for the biggest audio chip company in the world; an American company based in the UK. He said he knew about Ripple the company but felt cryptocurrencies are a thing of the past. I summarised Ripple the company/XRP/Xrapid in five minutes and my interest in the project moving forward. Not sure if much sinked in but what I found interesting is that he is 'incredibly' bright and knew very little about the benefits that some blockchain/cryptocurrency projects can bring to the world in the near future. I suppose he has really missed a one in a lifetime opportunity…. Thank you.

  2. The US Government and many US Superrich People knowing that Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are secret weapons against the US Dollar and through the chinese mining monopoly. Coinbase could be also involved in this Cartell, remember the introduction of Bitcoin Cash how theiy tried to flippining Bitcoin and now Coinbase are supporting the Bitcoin Cash Fork, guys this is no coincidence
    . I hope the US Government will recognize this issue and prefer US Cryptocurrencies like XRP.

  3. Everyone who bashes crypto in general one way or another, has changed their tune. Nice to know we've been right the whole time. The elite are greedy and will lie to your face to steal your money, never forget that.

  4. In my humble opinion… institution speculation and heavy volume resulting from true utility will will be among significant factors to “exponentially” increase upward price pressure of XRP!

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  6. That utopia in the desert seems like a Sci-fi movie and sounds good on the surface but underneath it is something nefarious with googles and Apples tech on the citizens of that community .

  7. Hey tony I totally believe xrp will best digital asset in the world. M no hurry to sell mostly 20℅ I might sell if it goes to 589. M wondering when and what is that program will happen than price start jumping. How exactly is any1 holding the market ?

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