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Yeap!! I am on of those people who believes in the potential of cryptocurrencies to an extent that I invested most of my savings into them. I explain in the video how and why I invested my saving into crytos and also their potential.

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15 thoughts on “Invested My LIFE Savings Into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins | 2018

  1. CRYPTOCURRENCIES will be the MILLENIALS' childrens $$Dollar Bills$$ 😉
    Unfortunately for RIPPLE (XRP), currently the SEC is trying to treat it as a security — instead of as a cryptocurrency or a token!
    Personally, i think RIPPLE is playing all of its cards pretty good, with regards to XRP … i see a lot of potential, in this digital asset!
    Yep. CRYPTO is pretty much the FUTURE (in my book) …. reminds me of the golden age of the internet, with Marc Andreessen and his 2 golden eggs …. one being MOSAIC …. and the other being NETSCAPE …. and then …. the DOT COM era followed, and then …. the internet we know today was born …. yep …. crypto is in its infancy …. this is only the 3rd inning of a 9 inning game, in a world series championship …. hehehehe …. GAME 1 …. 3rd Inning …. (Game 1 of 7) …. oh yeah ………….

  2. THE TREND is your friend …. or enemy …. if you interpret your data/info incorrectly! 😉
    Careful with 'em PANIC BUYERS and with 'em PANIC SELLERS inflection points, during the "GREED vs. FEAR" cycles!
    Watch the VOLUME and careful with falling in love with a certain investment — you do NOT want to HOLD for too long, during one of 'em BUBBLES …. such as the DOT COM BUBBLE in the early 2000's (i.e. the NASDAQ meltdown of 2000-2001-2002) …. and always do your homework …. your due diligence …. your research …. and always remember to — DIVERSIFY!! 😉

    And don't get too greedy, because at the end:

    (my 2 cents)



  3. Welcome to the world of crypto! 🙂

    If you are interested in blockchain video games, check out our project – we are creating a blockchain trading card video game playing in an intergalactic universe.

    We also have some speed art videos of some of our cards on our YouTube channel.

    Cosmic Hugs!

  4. i have the same story , same time , bud only btc, after XRP ,and ADA , and more , lost lot on buying other coins , and now i try to store them on Nano S , and other hard wallet , its so hard to find hard wallets , to store all the coins , 1's this is don , i just don't want to look anymore and wait 5 years , where do you store Vechain ,Icon ,and other coins , most you tubers say Nano S bud don't support all the coins ,, he he , i don't like to leave it on Cryptopia ore Binance

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