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In this video I show how to store ripple XRP on a ledger nano s hardware wallet. You should store your XRP on a hardware wallet and here is how to do it.

Ledger Nano S on amazon


Ledger Nano S

Ripple charts

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18 thoughts on “How to Store Ripple on a Ledger Nano S

  1. Thanks for doing this concise yet thorough video (I've watched a few others and they leave out some key info). I bought my Nano Ledger S directly from the website and I struggled with it. Setting up the password and the PIN was easy but there's details they leave out. I didn't know that you couldn't have the Ledger Wallet and the Manager open at the same time. I also didn't know that you had to have browser support turned off. Thanks!

  2. Surely the best place to buy the hardware from itself, to guarantee it's legitimacy? You should make it clear you're referring people to your amazon affiliate link – which is the primary reason you're recommending Amazon as the "best place"….

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