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Part 7- How To Mine Ethereum Tutorial” will show you how to register to Simplemining OS and what Ethermine pool is all about. This is a step by step guide to accomplish the above.

This is Part 7- Registering to SimpleminingOS & Introduction to Ethermine Pool. This is the 7th of 10 videos in this Series. The Master Mining Course Series 1 (Building A GPU Mining Rig and Mining Ethereum ) has been developed specifically for beginners and intermediate miners.

The Ethereum network is implemented on a blockchain which is a form of a distributed ledger. The use of a distributed ledger goes back in ancient times with the Yap people on a tiny island of Micronesia. This video has been created for beginners and intermediate miners to provide a very easy step by step tutorial to build an ethereum mining rig with easy to acquire computer parts. Becoming part of the digital cryptocurrency eco system is key to ensure that Ethereum and other digital currency will be fully adopted world wide.

This is the most comprehensive easy to understand and detailed course on building a GPU mining rig and mining Ethereum (ETH) on Youtube.

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The videos in Master Mining Course Series 1 includes the following:

(Building A GPU Rig & Mining Ethereum)

Part 1 – Introduction and Considerations

Part 2 – Part You Need For A GPU Mining Rig

Part 3 -Flashing SimpleminingOS On A USB Drive and Creating A Digital Wallet

Part 4 – Preparation of Motherboard *** if link does not work, cut and paste this link to your browser ****

Part 5 – Motherboard Bios Settings

Part 6 – Testing The Mining Rig & Mining Ethereum

Part 7 – Part 7 – Registering To SimpleminingOS & Introduction to Ethermine Pool (*** coming up the week of November 5, 2018)

Part 8 – Part 8 How To Use SimpleminingOS (*** coming up November 12, 2018)
Part 9 – How to Use Ethermine Mining Pool (*** coming up November 19, 2018)

Part 10 – Maintenance of Mining Rig (*** coming up November 26, 2018)

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