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If your question is When Millionaire then this video is the right place for you we have this episode of crypto clout staring faze crypto where we talk about how much #Ripple XRP one would need to be a millionaire in USD Dollars evaluation by the year 2019 How Much $XRP Ripple Crypto Millionaire Ripple 2019: You Will Become A Millionaire Sooner Than You Think – Value Over Price Mentality Working Money Channel

24 thoughts on “How Much XRP Ripple To Crypto Millionaire In 2019

  1. Ripple is a company who happen to use XRP. XRP is independent of Ripple, they are NOT the same. That twitter site belongs to Ripple. Do not confuse the two. XRP is a decentralised asset, it's not Ripple.

  2. I personally think its funny. They have been around a lot longer then a lot of crypto. But if I am not mistaken and I could very well be. Tron scalability is just as big if not bigger than that of ripple. Its targeting the media and everything that has an internet connection First and foremost, but that's not to say they wont branch out. Internet is in everything. There has been talk of paying musicians. Actors. Gambling casinos. Etcetera with TRX. So I feel like XRP wont be forgotten. But is targeting a different audience. They are aiming for financial sectors. Whats got me wondering. Is if Tron has just as good of scalability or better. What's to stop tron from targeting the same audience in the future. I suppose competition is good for business but still. Just my thought process. Accurate or not. Its something I think about

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