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34 thoughts on “Have Ripple Been Lying To Us With XRP? (Trending)

  1. I'll do 2x 100 XRP giveaway in this video. There are 2 more giveaway winners to be picked today.
    Might make it a series where I just cover some really controversial popular articles.

  2. Hey Dusty, you smashed the 250 likes. That article is just a bit of click-bait at a time when XRP investors are actively looking for news in relation to the price increase. Its clearly a manipulative and dishonest tactic being employed by CryptoDaily with no care about the damage they could do to XRP. I hope others manage to see this obvious play by CryptoDaily. As far as I am concerned, they have just destroyed their reputation with me and I will longer view them as a Cryptocurrency/Blockchain authority. The media in this crypto space are really starting to get on my nerves. This is a perfect example of the tactics being used to get traffic, readers and subscribers. Instead of bing Pro-crypto and doing all they can to encourage mass adoption and support the technology they all seem to do the opposite as if they WANT the technology to fail.

    I hope the crypto community are smarter than this and they recognise what is going on with the media in this space. If anyone is thinking of starting their own Crypto News website, there is a massive need for a news website that is 100% HONEST, that doesn't accept paid submissions (from Rival blockchains) and even somewhere that ONLY publishes good and positive news.
    Anyway Dusty, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. CryptoDaily is now deleted from my Bookmarks.

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