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21 thoughts on “Hating Ripple/XRP Is Hating Money

  1. they don't hate XRP, they hate the fact that they are wrong, and childishly attacking other projects while following their emotions. Ego is the reason they are so angry, and few people can accept when they are wrong

  2. I think i know what RR wanted to tell us with the last video (Declaration of Independence). That no one will see the price increase coming. it will look like it came out of a 'hole' . (HOLO)? From an unexpected angle…and BOOM!!!
    Thats why BG123 said 589 EOY.
    Something was holding the succes off Xrp back from taking off . ( The crow/ bad luck). Somebody or company needed to be paid off so XRP can start moving.
    And now ripple has paid them off with Xrp
    So thats why we are seeing all them crows flying away. Its all them bad lucks that ripple has been dealing with in the whole process of releasing xrp/xrapid.
    Ripple guy paid with a 'coin' to someone at the balloon 'base' . Maybe ripple now has paid coinbase off?

  3. You're right Rob, if you look at XRP you will get some. Back when I 1st started with Crypto's I had several. Then I read the use case for XRP and could not believe what I saw. This is a winner and it's going to make us wealthy.

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