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Ethereum’s Price Jumps 8% After JP Morgan’s Adoption and Buterin’s Comments Regarding PoS Shift

This whole week has been a seriously good one for Ethereum. The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap saw its price rise steadily over the course of this entire week, largely due to two major positive developments. Which developments were they? Well, they were positive comments of Vitalik Buterin regarding Ethereum’s long overdue shift to proof-of-stake and JP Morgan’s adoption of Ethereum. Let’s take a look on both these events in detail to understand what happened and why it raised the price of Ethereum.

Launch of Ethereum 2.0 not far away
Vitalik Buterin was speaking at Devcon4 when he revealed the stunning news that Ethereum’s proposed shift to proof-of-stake (also known as Ethereum 2.0) is not too far. He said:

“Launch is basically the milestone that we’ve all been waiting for, that we’ve been working toward for the last four to five years, and a milestone which is really no longer so far away.”

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