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Your free tokens contract address 0x4FEE2D21aaCA705B70f86db48FE4b166482f7700

50 thoughts on “Ethereum HACKED – Free Tokens for everyone (PoWH3D)

  1. I think p3d and the team behind is genius. But this might stir fud. Why? Because we must ask ourselves how clever these guys really are…we might be dealing with magicians. Magicians are known to make stuff disappear…money no exception…

  2. *Guys and Dolls…. If you do not see them in your wallet… "Copy" the free tokens address Adam posted above. Open Metamask, and click on the TOKENS tab, which you probably never notice was there…. "Paste" the address in the first line – in the 2nd line, you should then see JUST powh symbol populate. Lastly click ADD and WHOOMP – There it is! *Hope the plans for this token are good… but I'm sure they will be, as the Devs are on top of their shit!

  3. Thanks Adam for heads up, got mine just now and had to use contract address. Not sure what this token will be used for though or how its going work.

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