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22 thoughts on “Eobot Scam, Review Is It for Real? Cheap Bitcoin Mining

  1. Hello everyone,

    We are an up and coming mining farm set out to do what genesis couldn't. Deliver a simple and profitable mining platform where investors own their miners and profits are transparent. Please have a look at us and join our telegram.

  2. eobot is 1000000000000000000000000000000 % percent fake its a fooling business to fool people…..dont waste your time and money on this they trick to fool people…you will never earn a money, i tried 1 month and earned one toffee equivalent of monero…its 1 trillion percent fake site…

  3. i inverts 4.80$ and brought 24 rental 7290.1317 GHS after 24 hr i made 4.20 $ something , this site is not mining they only do exchange and when i refresh web browser money will Decreasing, and one time i lost my connection but its keep mining , guys be careful with this , these all Russian projects

  4. Eobot ripped me off. I tried to withdraw my BCN, error message popped up and all my BCN was gone. Support just keeps giving me the run around. SCAM SCAM do not invest in Eobot

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