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Is Dan Larimer leaving EOS and Block.One to work on another project?

Ethereum whales have increased their holdings by 80% in 2018. That’s a lot! Lets look at why.

John McAfee is running for President of the United States in 2020, and he’s using Skycoin as his platform.


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7 thoughts on “Dan Larimer Bailing On EOS? ? Ethereum Whales Up 80% This Year! McAfee Running For President 2020

  1. Sir that’s called miss information. I was in the chat when he was talking about his ideas and at no point did he ever say or hinted that he was going to leave. And as far as Steem goes how many years has it been since he handed it over? And didn’t Steem go to $0.05 at one point ? But people are getting fired at $0.30…. seems like people running to steams treasury did not plan for a bear market.

  2. Dan can go whereever he wants…he is free, isnt he? EOS is run by community, it doesnt need Dan. ATM eos is the best project out there, with few initial hickups to solve, but that comes in package with the "young age". Remember anyone fudding "eos will never launch"?
    Satoshi left too, remember?

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