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If you believe we will agree to another multi-trillion dollar bank bailout…Litecoin won’t be needed for many decades. If you believe that NOBODY would allow another massive bailout for the banks then Litecoin can be the Crypto Currency that can SAVE US!

31 thoughts on “Cyrpto Blood & Charlie Lee…Let’s Frame the Scenario for Litecoin “Adoption!” (Bix Weir)

  1. Until fiat is dead I am concerned with Gresham's Law and "bad money (fiat) drives out good (crypto)…at least in the short term. I have a hard time letting go of my LTC because I know the future will be great for it.

  2. Bix, please spell out in a concise video what you figure CB doesn't understand about the derivatives. I have only a vague understanding myself. I think many Americans and others could benefit from a good education on this subject 😉

  3. So who was withdrawing all this money? Perhaps the Khazarian mafia? Why did we not find out? For the same reason we never found out who bought all the airline put options on 911. Same guys who pulled off the Las Vegas massacre.

  4. "Litecoin can save us" lmao, cause they got destroyed hodlin and now their VERY CONCERNED if they are holding garbage like veritasiam…ya were gonna verify gold on the blockchain.Why? Cause we can… but why would anyone "trust" you in a decentralized trustless tokenized economy? Ah… why not buy petro coin in venezuala for oil?!…..

    . Cause no one trusts the bastard to deliver, just like no one will trust you to verify shit, its proof of work or go pound sand… verify gold on a blockchain, its like they missed the ENTIRE point of blockchain. ya that's not a smart investment.

    Hey bix, ill save ya, dump everything right now into bch, get the fork nov 15, sell one of em or both into digibyte and wait for the moon ride. Im not kidding either… 1 chance! Dont miss it.

  5. When the banks collapse, then people will have no say, weather the banks get bailed out or not -unfortunately… Solution for the problem, at that point, will serve the elite again. Simple as that.

  6. Somebody obviously want his $360 coins back and I promised myself that I will not sell for less. Charlie said LTC will never make you rich and now "50 YEARS to become a means of exchange" 3:20 He is in the business and just being honest. ?

  7. uh, Bix-the numbers you quote for the bailout may be the official numbers initially given-but since they came from the banksters, they were, of course, LIES. According to Ron Paul, the number was at least 16 TRILLION (per his limited audit) tax payers had 80% of that bailout money stolen from us as that much of it was given to EUROPEAN banks–which was MORE than even they quoted as the potential loss if the bailout had not happened. Anyone who trusts ANY numbers the banksters give for ANYTHING is just stupid as anything they say, is guaranteed to be a lie-like everything else they say and do. There really is no reasonable option but to nationalize the fed, put an ankle bracelet on all banksters till they can prove they have reformed and WATCH THEM LIKE A HAWK and start with a gold backed dollar. They do not have to have gold bars in a building somewhere-they can assay the Grand Canyon and Choc. Mtn. gold with current tech and use that as collateral. They can do the same for silver and other valuable minerals. They will have to, of course, change all the banksing laws and license bankers to keep them honest and accountable going forward for infractions. They must also seize all the stolen assets they can–like the trillions the Clintons sold to the chinese in exchange for political "GIFTS" to them and their foundations-ditto for the Bush and Rockefeller, Soros "foundations" as someone explains to them that the Bible quotes "God helps those who help themselves (to others' stuff) IS NOT OKAY!!! Oh, and the laws about 501c corporations, trusts, and even things like Go Fund Me need to be reformed. It really STINKS that that money laundering site GoFundMe is giving BlaseyFord a good million dollars–probably coming from clowns like her parents ACCESSING off the books taxpayer money. And i don't even like Kavenaugh!!!

  8. Hi Bix,

    I think that Litecoin would have to be valued into the hundreds of thousands just so it can go global, Its just not ready yet and won't be for a while, unless something really big happens.

  9. SPEND and REPLACE your Litecoin. Until mass adoption, spend your Litecoin wherever possible, and then immediately buy that amount back. You get the Litecoin network growing while preserving your stack of Litecoin. This is a simple solution for Crypto Blood's concern.

  10. Question. I have been asking myself this for a long time. What happens if the Government issues their own Crypto that is even worse than our current system? Government pushed to the masses saying "this is the only option". Do you think the people will eat it up and say, "the government knows best"? I would like to think my countrymen will not stand for this but half our population does not even know what Crypto is and supports socialism. I do not have faith in my fellow man but am hopeful.

  11. perhaps I'm missing something here, but you said it yourself, they have to bail out the banks because they have 'no other option'. By your own logic then, ltc won'y be needed 'for many decades'. And Ryan Hogan, why is it numerically not possible? They have a printing press that creates fiat out of thin air.

  12. "First, they hanged all the bankers."
    Then, we got Sound Money. Distributed ledgers – accounting systems which could not be rigged, scammed, defrauded, flooded with money-printing. LTC !!!

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