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The cryptocurrency market looks almost identical to where it was at market-cap wise to last year. Is crypto dead or will cryptocurrency recover? We’ll also take a look at the crypto market volume and compare it to last year.

Bitcoin price analysis and prediction. Where will Bitcoin be at the end of 2018? We’ll also do some technical analysis on XRP Ripple price, ADA Cardano price, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price.

XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Cardano ADA, Bitcoin price analysis, Bitcoin price prediction, crypto news

#XRPRipple, #BitcoinCash, #Bitcoin

6 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Market – very similar to last year. Bitcoin, XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano

  1. When wall street money come blasting into bitcoins, bitcoin is likely to pull ahead of alts. That could cause a fomo effect that sucks a ton of money out of alts. We might see 70 or 80% bitcoin dominance again.

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